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Translational Neuroscience Program      
Photo of Dave Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience
Thomas Detre Professor of Academic Psychiatry
Chair, Department of Psychiatry
Medical Director and Director of Research, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic of UPMC
Director, Translational Neuroscience Program
Director, NIMH Conte Center for Translational Mental Health Research
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Contact Information:
    University of Pittsburgh
    3811 O'Hara Street, W1653 BST
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213
    Phone: (412) 246-6010
    Fax: (412) 624-9910
    E-mail:email address

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David A. Lewis, M.D. | Department of Psychiatry | University of Pittsburgh
3811 O'Hara Street, Biomedical Science Tower W1654
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213-2593
Phone: (412) 624-3894 - Fax: (412) 624-9910