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Sibille Laboratory Develops Searchable Database for Age Effect on Gene Expression in the Human Brain

Feature Finding Figure Aging leads to a variety of morphological and functional changes in the brain, and is associated with cognitive decline and increased risk for neuropsychiatric and neurological disorders. In transcriptome studies of neuropsychiatric disorders in the human postmortem brain conducted by TNP faculty member Dr. Etienne Sibille, the largest source of biological variability has been subject age. Thus, the Sibille Laboratory undertook the project of fully characterizing the nature and extent of the gene expression correlates of aging. In line with the NIH requirement to make large-scale transcriptome data available to the broader scientific community, the Sibille Laboratory has recently made publicly available a newly developed interactive database for age effect on gene expression in the human brain. To search the database, users should enter at least one gene name, code, or keyword into the search tool. The database immediately provides large-scale gene expression data from two different cohorts across four areas of the human brain: prefrontal cortex BA9, prefrontal cortex BA47, anterior cingulate cortex, and amygdala. The user then selects any molecular probe listed to find the gene expression data in that brain region. The tool is designed to be used freely and publicly by any researcher interested in gene function in the human brain in the context of aging or neuropsychiatric disorders. To make citing the data easy, all corresponding original data citations are listed at the bottom of each gene report page.

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