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Graduate & Post-Doctoral Training

Graduate students in neuroscience, medical students, and postdoctoral fellows (with either MDs or PhDs) receive training in a range of molecular, developmental and systems neuroscience approaches to the analysis of cortical circuitry in both primate and human brain. Opportunities are available for studies in the normal functional architecture of primate neocortex, the postnatal development of this circuitry, its disruption in schizophrenia and other brain disorders, and animal models of the disease process. Interested individuals should contact David A. Lewis, M.D.

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Post-Baccalaureate Training

The Lewis laboratory offers excellent opportunities for post-baccalaureates to gain professional research experience in neuroscience and medicine before pursuing graduate or medical studies. Trainees are hired into the program as specialized laboratory technicians and spend 2 or more years participating in world-class research projects, spanning a range of neuroscience approaches and techniques to the analysis of cortical circuitry structure, function and development in animals and humans. In addition, students gain clinical exposure through a shadowing program designed to familiarize basic scientists with the human experience of mental illness in order to develop a more holistic perspective from which to engage this complex problem. The Post-Baccalaureate program also provides opportunities for on-going career mentorship in an experience-rich environment. Participants are exposed to professional examples of the many career paths available within neuroscience and mental health research, simultaneously enhancing their professional and technical exposure prior to pursuing further education. Interested individuals should send a statement of interest, resume and undergraduate transcript to David A. Lewis, M.D.

Post-Baccalaureate Program Participants
Participant Name Undergraduate Institution Next Step
Kyle Terrill Geneva College Current
Andrew Ciesielski University of Albany, SUNY Current
Mikaela Fenn Case Western Reserve University Current
Samuel Dienel University of Pittsburgh MD-PhD Medical Scientist Training Program, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Daley Favo Case Western Reserve University MD, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Jennifer Larsen Carnegie Mellon University MD, University of Pittsburgh’s School of Medicine
Jesselyn Terrill Allegheny College DO, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Lindsey McClement Allegheny College PhD, Neuroscience - University of Pittsburgh
Rocco DaBecco University of MA, Boston DO, Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine
Heidi Scriven Allegheny College MEd, General Special Education - University of Pittsburgh
Liz Bitler Haverford College MS, Public Health, Emory University
Brad Rocco Allegheny College PhD, Neuroscience - University of Pittsburgh
Pete Creigh Colgate University MD, University of Rochester Medical School
Cassi Weaver Boston University PhD, Bioengineering - University of Pittsburgh
Molly Dixon Allegheny College VMD, Veterinary Medicine - University of Pennsylvania
Adam Nalevanko Allegheny College MS, Neuroscience - University of Pittsburgh
Dustin Hammers Allegheny College PhD,  Clinical Psychology - Ohio University
Stephen Eggan University of Pittsburgh PhD, Neuroscience - University of Pittsburgh

Undergraduate Training

The Lewis Laboratory provides excellent first-hand research experience in neuroscience and medicine for undergraduate students. Undergraduate students work with a team of mentors on a specific research project acquiring skills in experimental design, laboratory technique, data analysis and scientific writing. During their training, students typically complete an honors thesis, attend a national scientific meeting, and co-author a scientific publication. The program also provides support and advice for applying for undergraduate fellowships like the NIMH Undergraduate Research Training Fellowship and for preparing applications for graduate or professional school. Interested undergraduates should contact the program director, David A. Lewis, M.D.

Representative Undergraduate Program Participants
Participant Name Next Step
Sennay Ghenbot MD, Ohio State University
Mark Zaki MD, Harvard Medical School
Franklyn Boothe MD, Ohio State University
Cameron Olezene MD, Harvard Medical School
Benjamin Siegel MD, Emory School of Medicine
Sagar Kamprath MD, University of Pittsburgh
Anthony Cipriano MD, Temple University
Samuel Stoyak MD, University of Pittsburgh
Tanya Keenan MD, University of Pennsylvania
Steve Stockton PhD, Neuroscience, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, NY
Emily Lovallo MD, Georgetown University
Quyen L. Nguyen MD, University of Pittsburgh
Stephen Eggan PhD, Neuroscience, University of Pittsburgh
Adil S. Chaudry MD, University of Pittsburgh
Jed Miller MD, University of California, Los Angeles
Mary Grace Scaffidi MPAS, Chatham University
Ryan S. Dammerman MD/PhD Columbia University
Sara Glickenstein PhD, Neuroscience, Columbia University

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